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The Michigan Occupational Therapy Association welcomes all therapists, assistants, students and educators in the profession of occupational therapy to explore and enjoy this website.  Patients and their family members and advocates will find information about how the OT practitioners across the state can help them to participate fully and perform at the highest level within their personal life roles...truly living life to it's fullest!

As you use this site you will note that some areas are for members only.  We wish to thank those members who have demonstrated their support for their profession and this association, which is the Voice of OT within the state of Michigan. We hope that those who have not yet joined will take this opportunity to become a member of MiOTA. 

Mission Statement:

The mission of MiOTA is to advocate for the profession of occupational therapy in the state of Michigan and act as a communication vehicle for its members.


Vision Statement:

That MiOTA is acknowledged by occupational therapy practitioners and all stakeholders as the premier resource of knowledge, information, and expertise for the profession of occupational therapy in the state of Michigan.

MiOTA is a voluntary professional association of occupational therapy practitioners who are dedicated to supporting the profession through advocacy and communication.

MiOTA Member Spotlight - June 2017

Cindy WaitzAs a MiOTA member it is good to be aware of what is happening to the profession legally. My name is Cindy Waitz and currently I function as the Director of Rehabilitation  at Heartland Healthcare Center  in Ann Arbor and can better appreciate the legal aspect of the profession, how insurance changes, law changes and other outside forces affect what I can or cannot do.  But, I still get the rare chance to complete hands-on treatment and can recall many years of treating patients.  I can relive the excitement of seeing a patient perform a task again, even something as simple as brushing their teeth and the satisfaction and  joy on their face. What I do as an OT makes a difference in patient’s lives.  As an OT, I have the big picture of how to make my patient more functional in their setting.  The PT might work on walking, but I look at – how are you going to negotiate the community, how to open the heavy door, how to negotiate the curb with your depth perception problem, how am I going to get my walker into the cab.  As an OT, I’m not just helping you get ready for your day like a CNA might. I am observing and looking at how I can make that person more independent and safe.  From the outside looking in, it might seem that I am replaceable and expendable, but OTs have a unique view of activities and skills of observation and modification to make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities.  Other lawmakers may not realize that my job IS different than a PT, different than a CNA. As a MiOTA member, I can be more aware of the legal changes, what other lawmakers propose to change and how those law changes will impact my ability to help people in the community.  After having been a practicing therapist for 23 years, I often forget that the knowledge I have is unique to my profession.  I regret not having been a member at the beginning of my career as I may have had more of an appreciation of my unique profession.  I could have benefitted from the education MiOTA provides for both treatment options, for acknowledging my uniqueness and furthering the preservation of the OT profession.  Sometimes it takes hindsight to realize what is truly important. Imagine the ways I could have provided better therapy from something I learned on MiOTA’s monthly webinar.  I encourage all new practitioners and “seasoned” practitioners to embrace the uniqueness of their profession and be able to defend it.  What we do DOES make a difference.  

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